The Go Birch Album

Getting There

Hopefully weeks rather than months away from finishing the album now. 11 tracks in all, music completed for 8 of them and vocals  on 5, which are available to listen to here…

When I Hold You (Holly's Song)

Your scent carries my heart on a butterflies wings. Your kiss feels like a note that the angels sing. Your smile warms my blood like the sun in spring. Your laugh lifts me up to where Zeus is king. When I hold you, It’s like holding a gun to my head. If I lost you, I’d be losing myself, I’d be better off dead.

Audio and Video Live


God, he tells me, and he should know, when Hell is sleeping and Heaven is slow, for something to do the angels compile a list of the hundred greatest episodes of earthly bliss. There’s only one name, and He swears this is true, that appears more than twice, and that name is you.

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A Chance of Heaven

Stop the rains, stop the winds, stop the pain that love brings. Hold a smile, hold my hand, hold those moments made of sand. I could learn to walk these lines, I could learn to cope with time. Touch my eyes stop this blind, help me see, let me see a chance of heaven, a small chance of heaven, waiting for me.

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Dark Days

I spend my nights hiding from you, hiding from you In the darkness. I spend my days hiding from me, hiding from me In the worst ways. I spend my life hiding from view, hiding from view In the shadows. Dark days after the last chance. Sitting here like a sitting duck.

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What R U Doin' 2Nite?

I know I put the distance between our hands. Leaving mine holding nothing but empty plans. I said I needed space to grow and learn. So you went away and I’ve grown to yearn. What are you doing tonight? Are you missing me? Is there a chance you may call? Or is it down to me? To crawl?

Audio – Listen Here…

Here Comes The Hurt (Again)

Broken hearts over broken chords. The dead man walks but doesn’t talk. Sharing pain with a bottle and a pen. Looking for a way to stop falling again. Its best to have loved and never lost. Loves it’s own reward at any cost. There’s no quick fix for a broken heart. So don’t blame yourself for falling apart. Here comes the hurt again, I never seem to outrun it. Just like a shower of rain, I always get caught up in it.

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I imagine you perfect, it’s no stretch at all. I imagine my phone ring, and pick up your call. I imagine your laugh and your twinkling eyes. I imagine your sweat and your lovemaking sighs. I watch your smile – I use it as fuel. To go the extra mile – you use it to be cruel. But only to be kind and drive me out of my mind. I imagine me brave. I imagine me strong. I imagine me right while I’m doing wrong.

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It was a windowless room and one of them smoked. I tried complaining but the big one croaked: – “We’re old school here so start singing or choke.” So I smiled and said OK, start with the notes. I came by the gun in ‘74, working in Brum for the man, Jon Ford. I took it from someone who had it pointed at my head, my hands faster than my desire to be dead. I levelled it at him and it felt good in my hand. I liked the cool steel and I liked the big bang.

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The Motive

I compared our love to the eternal flame, pictured us as two swans swimming. You saw it more as an entertaining game, to play as long as you were winning. I could have gone on in ignorant bliss, me loving you, you loving the tryst. Until God told me of the Angel’s list and shattered my illusion into a thousand bits. …she said – I gave you my love, I never gave you my life. You expected eternity, From love at first sight.

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On the bed after a bottle of pills, the sirens came ‘til the room spilled blue. It was your life to keep or lose or was I meant to find you, did you want me to choose? One jealous pang could make you crack. The crocks would fly mirrors would smash. They’d provide silver shards for your wrists to slash ‘til like a rag doll sat you’d cry and laugh. You’d rant you’d rave, you’d hack your hair . You’d buzz like a fly on Vapona spray. You’d twist and turn then crash and burn. While in my room I’d paint or play, too old to cry too young to pray.

Demo Vocals only

Walking With Lucy

I’ve felt the joy of a new born’s cry. Carried the sorrow of a last breath’s sigh. I’ve seen the misery caused by a lie. Shed long tears at a last goodbye I’ve enjoyed the kiss of a good woman’s lips. Discovered the joy of wedded bliss. I’ve shared the warmth of a good friends humour. I’ve come to terms with being human. I’ve prayed for guidance, I’ve prayed for calm. I prayed I’d meet you in the eye of a storm. I’ve seen the light, I’ve gained the Spirit. It’s my life God, I don’t need you in it.

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