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Go Birch – Self-Releasing (Independent) British Songwriter/Band

The notion of Go Birch being a solo act has long since evolved; Go Birch is now a family song making unit. Father, Go, son, Neil and daughter Holly Alice combine together to create pop songs. Neil is the vocalist, which is OK in terms of the name. I’m still Go and Neil is Birch (which is what people call him anyway). It’s great to have Holly Alice involved too, helping with songwriting and guesting as a vocalist on ‘Life Is Easy’ (and others later). I’m sure she will always help out, but she is also crafting her own solo album presently. (Which is going to be stunning!) **

The songs themselves are also evolving. The first releases are from a bunch of songs I already had written and are mainly synth based 3.30 pop songs. This first set of releases will form the first album ‘Pop’. The next set of songs are more singer/songwriter in feel and, as they get released, I hope you can follow the growth and chart when Neil and Holly Alice became more involved. They will form album two, which will be called ‘Snap’. Even as these progress we are working on ‘Crackle’. Neil has contributed some of the lyrics for this one and it is shaping up to be pretty rocky.

I love that songs can provide a whole story in such a short span of time.

Next Release

Releasing July 12th, 2024

Here Comes The Hurt (Again) cover design

** It is with a heavy heart I have to tell you I have lost my wonderful daughter Holly Alice. (Dec.12th 2000 to Feb. 14th 2024). In time I will look to finish producing the album she started to record of her own songs, because her talent deserves to be heard. For my own part, although I have releases scheduled until the end of the year and into 2025, I will be taking a step away from making music.

Hedgey was her sleep toy when she was little. She would suck on his nose while she slept, hence the way he looked latterly. Hedgey kept her company on her final journey.

I love you.

I won’t be long. I’m writing my last song.

The Singles – Coming Soon

Here Comes The Hurt (Again) cover design

I Walked Away – July

When I Hold You (Holly's Song)

Bridges – September

When I Hold You (Holly's Song)

Dead In The Water – October

The Singles – Streaming Now

Here Comes The Hurt (Again) cover design

Jump! – June

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Here Comes The Hurt (Again) cover design

EP – Released May 17th, 2024

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Here Comes The Hurt (Again) cover design

Imagine – Released April 12th, 2024

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Here Comes The Hurt (Again) cover design

Here Comes The Hurt (Again)

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When I Hold You (Holly's Song)

When I Hold You (Holly’s Song)

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The cover for the single Life Is Easy by Go Birch

I Just Want The Money, Honey

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Go Birch 'The Inevitable Split' single cover

The Inevitable Split

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The cover for the single Life Is Easy by Go Birch

Life Is Easy (ft. Holly Alice)

Where's The Logic In That? Single cover

Where’s The Logic In That?


Five Good Years

The cover for 'This Is The Story' single from Go Birch

This Is The Story

Go Birch. The cover for 'Working (In The Coalmine'

Working (In The Coal Mine)

Go Birch. The cover for 'Pretty In Portugal'

Pretty In Portugal

Featuring Emily Gray

I am so lucky that Emily Gray was kind enough to sing lead vocals on ‘I Just Want The Money, Honey’ and duet with Neil on ‘Swift’. She is a huge talent and, if you like pop music, you will love her. Find her on Instagram here…

‘If I lost you, I’d be losing myself, I’d be better off dead’ Lyrics from When I Hold You (Holly’s Song).

I won’t be long, I’m writing my last song